Video tutorials with tag entity:

Spring web app tutorial 16: Hibernate Transaction (00:05:04)
How to use Spring Transactional annotation to load entities in service layer instead of using Open Entity Manager In View Filter.
JPA (EclipseLink, Hibernate) entity explained. (00:02:33)
JPA (EclipseLink, Hibernate) entity explained. Mapping table to an entity and table column to an attribute.
JPA 2.0 (Hibernate, Eclipselink) hello world (00:05:02)
JPA 2.0 (Hibernate, Eclipselink) hello world. How to generate entities and using EntityManager read some data. Presented on MySQL database.
How to read data from BLOB using JPA (Hibernate) (00:04:02)
How to read data from BLOB or CLOB using JPA (Hibernate) with annotation @Lob and @Basic. Presented on web application which loads images from MySQL database using Servlets.
Primary key generation in JPA (00:04:17)
How to generate a primary key in JPA (Hibernate, Eclipselink, Toplink). IDENTITY, SEQUENCE and other strategies (AUTO, TABLE) explained.
How to create a Hibernate project in Eclipse (00:03:33)
How to create a Hibernate project in Eclipse using Hibernate Tools (part of JBoss Tools) Presented on MySQL database.
Hibernate console configuration and usage (00:04:17)
Hibernate console configuration and usage. Execute HQL, JPQL and Hibernate Criteria query. How to graphically see entities mapping. Presented on MySQL database.
Spring web app tutorial 9: JPA entities (00:12:22)
How to create Java entities with relationships (OneToMany, ManyToMany, ManyToOne). How to validate relationship using Eclipse JPA Diagram Editor.
Spring web app tutorial 8: persistence (00:12:01)
How to integrate Hibernate with Spring and Spring Data JPA using LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean? I will use test HSQL test database (later will be used PostgreSQL).



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