Video tutorials with tag maven:

Maven Embedded Jetty automatic redeploy (00:01:46)
How to automatically redeploy embedded Jetty if you change some Java class?
Spring web app tutorial 44: JUnit Test Case (00:09:42)
How to create JUnit Test Case, add JUnit libraries to classpath with Maven and write tests.
JUnit and Maven in Eclipse (00:03:46)
How to add JUnit tests to Maven application in Eclipse, where to find JUnit test results and how to skip tests.
Creating a JPA project with EclipseLink and Maven (00:05:02)
How to create a JPA project in Eclipse with EclipseLink library using Maven. EclipseLink is JPA 2.0 implementation. Presented on MySQL database.
Logging using slf4j, log4j in Maven application (00:02:18)
How to start logging in Maven application? How to add required dependencies?
How to change file name generated by mvn package (00:01:42)
You can simply change default file name generated by "mvn package" inside pom.xml file using tag finalName.
Spring web app tutorial 6: Servlet and JSP API (00:01:36)
How to resolve error: The superclass "javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet" was not found on the Java Build Path? If you use Maven, add to pom.xml Servlet and JSP API with scope provided.
Spring web app tutorial 7: Spring root context (00:03:05)
How to use Spring root context using ContextLoaderListener and configuration file applicationContext.xml. How to effectively use context:component-scan with context:exclude-filter.
Spring web app tutorial 49: maven package (00:00:47)
How to create WAR file in Eclipse using Maven package.
JPA project using Hibernate and Maven (00:03:37)
How to create a JPA project with Hibernate and Maven in Eclipse. Presented on MySQL database.
Eclipse Maven plugin usage (00:04:29)
How to use Eclipse Maven Integration plugin. Installation and basic troubleshooting. How to add dependencies into pom.xml file, rebuild indexes of your repositories and update Maven project.
How to compile Maven project with different Java version (00:01:54)
Maven compiler plugin enables Maven to compile the project source with a particular Java version. Now I will tell Maven to use Java 1.6 to compile the project source code.
Java EE 5 web application with Maven (00:06:39)
Java web application created using STS and Maven. First servlet and doGet() method. How to create a WAR (Web Application ARchive) file using Maven. How to use Tomcat integrated with Eclipse and embedded Tomcat using Maven.
How to use Maven project with integrated Tomcat (00:04:40)
How to use Maven project with integrated Tomcat inside Eclipse without STS (SpringSource Tool Suite).
Generating JAXB classes with Maven plugin (00:03:00)
How to generate JAXB classes based on XSD file automatically using Maven?
How To Use Maven Jetty Plugin (00:03:46)
How to use Maven Jetty plugin for embedded Jetty web container. Jetty is popular Java EE servlet container. Jetty run, stop and configuration.
Maven Embedded Tomcat automatic redeploy (00:03:16)
How to automatically redeploy embedded Tomcat if you change some Java class?
JSF & PrimeFaces & Spring tutorial 3: Eclipse & JDK integration (00:01:17)
Integrating Eclipse with JDK.
JAXB: Access Restriction Warning (00:01:53)
How to solve "Access restriction: The type JAXBContext is not accessible due to restriction on required library"?
Open XML in pom.xml by default in Eclipse (00:01:17)
How to open plain XML in pom.xml by default in Eclipse? Tip for effective Maven usage.
Eclipse & external Maven installation integration (00:01:30)
How to integrate your external Maven installation with Eclipse?
Spring web app tutorial 11: MVC (Model View Controller) (00:10:24)
How to use Spring Web MVC (Model View Controller) with Apache Tiles. How to use JSTL (Java Standard Tag Library) - c:forEach. Styling table using Twitter Bootstrap.
How to solve Source not found error during debug in Eclipse (00:01:37)
If you run your web application using embedded Java EE server in Maven (like Tomcat or Jetty) and try to run it in debug mode, once you hit some breakpoint, you will encounter this error: "Source not found".
How to create runnable JAR file with Maven (00:02:46)
How to create runnable JAR file using Maven assembly plugin.
Spring web app tutorial extras: BOM dependency (00:03:08)
How to use Maven Spring Framework BOM dependency?
JSF & PrimeFaces & Spring tutorial 8: Maven compile to Java 8 (00:01:35)
How to compile project sources to a Java 8 version.



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