Video tutorials with tag spring-security:

Spring web app tutorial 33: Spring Security PreAuthorize (00:07:48)
How to enable and use expressions with annotations in Spring Security. Specifically I will show you how to use PreAuthorize annotation.
Spring web app tutorial 21: Spring Security Logout (00:01:28)
How to set custom logout URL in a Spring Security application.
Spring web app tutorial 22: Spring Security Expressions (00:01:29)
How to use Expression-Based Access Control in Spring Security. Example of hasRole expression.
Spring web app tutorial 23: Spring Security and JSP (00:03:12)
How to use Spring Security JSP taglib and tag security:authorize with isAuthenticated and hasRole expressions.
Spring web app tutorial 19: Spring Security basics (00:05:33)
Spring Security basics, how to secure Spring web application URLs using Spring Security Filter. Spring Security XML configuration file.
Spring web app tutorial 20: Spring Security login page (00:05:23)
How to change default login page in Spring security. Creating JSP file with Twitter Bootstrap.
Spring web app tutorial 24: Spring Security and database (00:03:23)
How to read roles and users using JDBC User Service. Authorities by username query and users by username query.
Spring web app tutorial 25: Spring Security BCrypt (00:01:48)
How to encode password using BCrypt (best practice, contains salt and is best protection against brute-force attacks). Using BCryptPasswordEncoder.
Spring web app tutorial 26: registration form complete (00:04:44)
Complete registration form. Now we will be able to create a user with encrypted password (using bcrypt) and role ROLE_USER, which will be able to login using Spring Security.
Spring web app tutorial 28: User account (00:04:29)
How to create a page with user account. How to retrieve currently logged in user name (using Principal object) in Spring Web MVC. Security is done using Spring security.



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