Video tutorials with tag spring-web-mvc:

Spring web app tutorial 37: Refactoring (00:10:40)
Because our application grows more and more, some refactoring was needed. In this video I split single Spring MVC controller into multiple controllers.
Spring web app tutorial 13: Path Variable (00:05:12)
How to use Path Variable in Spring Web MVC.
Spring web app tutorial 41: JQuery Validation Plugin Remote (00:07:07)
How to use custom validation where business rules are defined on the server with JQuery Validation Plugin. Also how to customize messages used in JQuery Validation Plugin.
Spring web app tutorial 48: Java blog aggregator homepage (00:05:58)
Creating Java blog aggregator homepage with items from database ordered by published date in descending order.
Spring web app tutorial 18: JSP Form binding using Model Attribute (00:11:57)
How to bind JSP form to Java object using ModelAttribute annotation. The form will have responsive layout using Twitter Bootstrap. Receiving HTTP POST in Spring Web MVC.
Spring web app tutorial 26: registration form complete (00:04:44)
Complete registration form. Now we will be able to create a user with encrypted password (using bcrypt) and role ROLE_USER, which will be able to login using Spring Security.
Spring web app tutorial 27: Spring Web MVC redirect (00:02:41)
How to implement Post/Redirect/Get design pattern using Spring Web MVC. Best practice for form submit.
Spring web app tutorial 28: User account (00:04:29)
How to create a page with user account. How to retrieve currently logged in user name (using Principal object) in Spring Web MVC. Security is done using Spring security.
Spring web app tutorial extras: Redirect Attributes (00:03:46)
How to use Redirect Attributes in Spring Web MVC (which can contain Flash-scoped attributes).



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