Video tutorials with tag spring:

Spring web app tutorial 13: Path Variable (00:05:12)
How to use Path Variable in Spring Web MVC.
Spring web app tutorial 12: Apache Tiles dynamic menu (00:03:14)
How to create a dynamic menu using Apache Tiles and Twitter Bootstrap, how to use tilesx:useAttribute and how to use Expression Language ternary operator.
Spring web app tutorial 5: Twitter Bootstrap (00:06:10)
How to use Twitter Bootstrap to make our application pretty :-) I will use Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery from CDN (Content Delivery Network). Our web application will have responsive layout (useful for mobile devices).
Spring web app tutorial 16: Hibernate Transaction (00:05:04)
How to use Spring Transactional annotation to load entities in service layer instead of using Open Entity Manager In View Filter.
Spring web app tutorial 7: Spring root context (00:03:05)
How to use Spring root context using ContextLoaderListener and configuration file applicationContext.xml. How to effectively use context:component-scan with context:exclude-filter.
JUnit & Spring, integration testing (00:04:53)
JUnit & Spring, JUnit integration testing example.
Spring web app tutorial 11: MVC (Model View Controller) (00:10:24)
How to use Spring Web MVC (Model View Controller) with Apache Tiles. How to use JSTL (Java Standard Tag Library) - c:forEach. Styling table using Twitter Bootstrap.
Spring web app tutorial 0: Java Blog Aggregator overview (00:02:31)
In this tutorial I will create a Java Blog Aggregator
Spring web app tutorial 2: Setting GitHub & Eclipse (00:01:38)
How to create a GitHub repository and share your project to GitHub in Eclipse. How to commit and push changes to GitHub repository.
Spring web app tutorial 9: JPA entities (00:12:22)
How to create Java entities with relationships (OneToMany, ManyToMany, ManyToOne). How to validate relationship using Eclipse JPA Diagram Editor.
Spring web app tutorial 10: Spring Data JPA basics (00:11:13)
How to create and use Spring Data JPA repositories. Also how to create a test database.
Spring web app tutorial 4: Apache Tiles (00:11:10)
Apache Tiles & Framework Spring integration, Apache Tiles basics, how to use template, tiles definitions and attributes.
Spring web app tutorial 17: Spring Data JPA Paging and sorting (00:02:29)
How to use Spring Data JPA for paging, sorting and top-n processing? This will generate SQL "SELECT ... ORDER BY ... LIMIT ...".
Spring web app tutorial 8: persistence (00:12:01)
How to integrate Hibernate with Spring and Spring Data JPA using LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean? I will use test HSQL test database (later will be used PostgreSQL).
Spring web app tutorial 18: JSP Form binding using Model Attribute (00:11:57)
How to bind JSP form to Java object using ModelAttribute annotation. The form will have responsive layout using Twitter Bootstrap. Receiving HTTP POST in Spring Web MVC.
Spring web app tutorial 15: Hibernate Lazy Initialization Exception (00:06:23)
How to resolve LazyInitializationException using OpenEntityManagerInViewFilter / OpenSessionInViewFilter.
Spring web app tutorial 1: Hello World Maven Java EE 6 (00:05:14)
How to create a Hello World Maven Java EE 6 web application in Eclipse and how to use Jetty plugin (Jetty is a web container like Apache Tomcat).



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