Video tutorials with tag xml:

Spring web app tutorial 43: Unmarshalling XML file (00:08:09)
How to unmarshall XML file using JAXB. Unmarshalling RSS XML file.
JAXB tutorial part 2: generating classes from XML schema (00:04:41)
How to generate JAXB classes from XML Schema (XSD) in Eclipse.
Spring web app tutorial 45: Save items (00:06:04)
Saving items from RSS XML file to database.
JAXB tutorial part 1: XML Binding explained (00:04:00)
XML Binding basics explained: JAXB, XML, XSD, marshalling and unmarshalling. Introduction to sitemap.xml file.
JAXB tutorial part 3: marshalling and unmarshalling data (00:05:02)
How to unmarshall and marshall data to XML using JAXB.
Generating JAXB classes with Maven plugin (00:03:00)
How to generate JAXB classes based on XSD file automatically using Maven?
Creating JAXB classes from scratch (00:07:58)
If you have XSD file, the easiest way how to create JAXB classes is to generate them. If you don't have XSD, you can just simply write them from scratch.
JAXB: Access Restriction Warning (00:01:53)
How to solve "Access restriction: The type JAXBContext is not accessible due to restriction on required library"?
Open XML in pom.xml by default in Eclipse (00:01:17)
How to open plain XML in pom.xml by default in Eclipse? Tip for effective Maven usage.
JAXB and OutOfMemoryError (00:03:30)
How to solve two common reasons for OutOfMemoryError, which you may encounter using JAXB.
Spring web app tutorial 19: Spring Security basics (00:05:33)
Spring Security basics, how to secure Spring web application URLs using Spring Security Filter. Spring Security XML configuration file.



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